Bil Jac Large Breed Puppy


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In the Con la fórmula Bil Jac Puppy Large Breed este producto también es conocido en el mercado por Bil Jac Large Breed Dog Food.a, we have taken care to lower fat and protein to prevent overgrowth in these puppies, while providing good levels of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to strengthen their joints.

feeding recommendations

Bil-Jac ® Large Breed Puppy is recommended to be fed in a scheduled and controlled manner.  For puppies from weaning (3-1/2 – 4-1/2 weeks) moisten Bil-Jac ® with warm water.  After weaning and up to 6 months of age, puppies should be fed three times a day.  After 6 months and until they reach maturity, feed them twice a day.  Use the feeding table for reference.  The optimal amount to feed will vary based on your puppy’s age, environment and activity.  Diet adjustments are necessary  to maintain optimal weight and condition.  Drinking water must be available at all times.  Store this bag in a cool, dry place.


Weight cups per day  
7 to 10 pounds 1/2 to 1
10 to 20 pounds 1 to 2
20 to 30 pounds 23
30 to 40 pounds 3-4
40 to 60 pounds 4-5
60 to 80 pounds 5-6
80 to 100 pounds 6-7


Pollo, Sub productos  (solo órganos, fuente de arginina), harina de maíz, pulpa de remolacha deshidratada, levadura de cerveza seca, harina de avena y linaza.



Proteína Cruda                                   no menos de 27 %

Grasa Cruda                                       no menos de 17%

Fibra Cruda                                         no mas de 4%

Humedad                                            no mas de 10 %

Arginina                                                no menos de 1.25 %

Metionina                                             no menos de 0.53 %

Omega 6                                              no menos de 2,6% 

Omega 3 not less than 0.3%

Glucosamine 375mg/kg

Chondroitin 35mg/kg